Adim Farah

  • 10/10
  • 2023

Farah (Demet Özdemir) is a 28-year-old Iranian woman. While fleeing from Iran to France 6 years ago, she had to stop in Istanbul because she learned that she was pregnant. She begins to live there as an illegal immigrant. Moreover, her son Kerim?ah\' (Rastin Pakhanad) has a rare disease. Since the immune system is very weak from birth, Kerim?ah is open to diseases. Therefore, he has to live in a sterile environment. Despite having a medical education, Farah works illegally as a cleaner in Istanbul. Farah\'s goal in life is for her son Kerim?ah to get healthy and to have a life like normal children. She will save money as soon as possible and complete her son\'s treatment and go to France again.

  • Engin Akyürek
  • Ali Sürmeli
  • Demet Özdemir
  • Drama



Episode 1
Watch Adim Farah Episode 1 with English Subtitles in HD Quality!

Episode 2
Watch Adim Farah Episode 2 with English Subtitles in HD Quality!

Episode 3
Watch Adim Farah Episode 3 with English Subtitles in HD Quality!

Episode 4
Watch Adim Farah Episode 4 with English Subtitles in HD Quality!

Episode 5
Watch Adim Farah Episode 5 with English Subtitles in HD Quality!



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Reviews (20)

  • @dandlhartgraves

    · 02 Apr 2023

    Am SO hooked on this series. The complexity of the characters is enthralling. The plot twists have me waiting for each new episode. The acting is stellar!!! So, so enjoyable.

  • @lyss.rochie

    · 31 Mar 2023

  • @lynne.martinez2011

    · 31 Mar 2023

    Episode 5 is excellent! Demet Ozdemir and Engin Akyurek are superb together. This episode was so touching and heartbreaking.

  • @cagermono

    · 30 Mar 2023

  • @nanie.camara

    · 30 Mar 2023

    not bad at all love it

  • @yamiwah

    · 30 Mar 2023

  • @aksh7

    · 25 Mar 2023

    Good show needs pick up before it gets boring

  • @lucieharding

    · 22 Mar 2023

    Two great actors in the lead. Great series so far.

  • @jodiharding25

    · 21 Mar 2023

  • @macgilvraye

    · 13 Mar 2023

    Demet Özdemir Could be one of the best actresses I’ve ever seen. It drives me crazy that nobody in America (Hollywood) doesn’t know who she is. Her acting is so natural and heartbreaking. She would break records in Hollywood. God bless her!

  • @ldawntoo

    · 12 Mar 2023

  • @grannydewx8

    · 10 Mar 2023

    Very talented actors. Can’t wait until the next episode. Demet and Engin are excellent….

  • @ramonaharper

    · 09 Mar 2023

    Engin is an amazing actor as well as an amazing author! If you want to preorder his book in english go to As for this series I think this is going to be some of his best work.

  • @clc630

    · 08 Mar 2023

    Please upload the next episodes love this suspense thriller drama starring engin akyurek

  • @marealbevelasques

    · 07 Mar 2023

    I can already tell am going to be holding my breath for the next ep. This show is going to be so good!

  • @cmtodd56

    · 04 Mar 2023

    Fantastic acting and exciting series

  • @hjdalziel

    · 03 Mar 2023

    Yes, talented cast, great production. More please!

  • @mckinney101857

    · 03 Mar 2023

    Very suspenseful, you know the way they lock each other’s eyes means that they are imprinting on each other’s souls

  • @admin

    · 03 Mar 2023

  • @shargeor7

    · 03 Mar 2023

    Great first episode , Great ending.